Sunday, January 11, 2009

Consider A Holistic Approach To Your Practice

Why is this important? Why would I discuss such a topic on a site that is dedicated to touch therapy and improving your career?

If we use a holistic approach to our practice, we can elevate our career and enhance our overall well being. If we think holistic, we acknowledge that any aspect of our life affects the whole. Here I will explain the holistic model and how it can impact your practice.

I like to use the rocket ship model to help explain this story. I view ourselves as a rocket ship and there are 3 major components that define the life the rocket ship takes.

1) Our mind and thoughts are the engines and the steering mechanism guiding us through our daily activities.

In regards to our thoughts, we have thousands upon thousands each day and although the experts disagree as to the exact tally, one thing is certain -- what we think about doesn't change. We tend to think the same thoughts day after day after day. To improve this part of our rocket ship, consider personal development. In my last entry, I spoke of goal setting and I recommended a great website that refers to several of the top leaders in this arena. Visit Jim Rohn and browse the different CDs, DVDs and reading suggestions. Find something that interests you or choose a product or service that will support any area that you feel can be strengthened.

The mind and thoughts will affect our attitudes, posture or presence, conduct, beliefs, speech, goals and dreams. Can you think of other areas in our practice the mind and thoughts can affect?


2) Next we have the structure of the rocket ship itself. We can view the rocket ship we live in as our armor or shell -- This encompasses our physical health. As our rocket ship travels through time, we want to fortify and strengthen it and always be aware of how we use it.

This is my favorite part to discuss, and in future entries I will go over in grand detail the strategies you can utilize to help give you the edge in your practice. One of my major influences in my career was the time I spent with R. Grant Ramey, inventor of the Embodi-Cloud. I suggest you visit Embodiment to view his method.

The Embodi-Cloud is a product that will put the major joint systems of the body in a more centered or neutral position. This innovation particularly brings important attention to the position of entire upper extremity as it relates to the torso.

The big picture is that body positions give us a feeling and if we can identify more intellegently how we are feeling, then the whole process of our treatment will be enhanced.

Our armor or shell will affect our postures and body positions and determine the quality of our treatments. Can you think of other ways the body can affect our practice?


3) Last but not least we have our rocket fuel that propels us forward on our journey and this encompasses our nutritional health. The nutritional factors that affect our life are air, water, sunlight, food, supplementation and sleep/rest. Can you think of how these components can affect your practice?

In my practice I specialize in nutrition and wanted to share a few items that has influenced my career.

Regarding supplementation, I would like to share a extraordinary technology that I use in my practice all the time. It's the BioPhotonic Antioxidant Scanner. I will save many details for another entry, but feel free to click on the name above to get an overview.

Second I credit Dr. Tim OShea, D.C. and his programs for giving me such valuable insight in the general field of nutrition. His methods and programs can be found at here.

This entry covers a vast amount of information and I welcome your comments.


  1. great post. I will try to understand your posts better. Currently I am researching on Think and Grow Rich.

  2. Think and Grow Rich is the grand dad of personal development. It's actually a 20 year report or study following hundreds of the most successful people on the planet. Creating richness in your life must be planned like anything else and TGR gives you the instructions. I'm on a mission to read a personal development book every week for the coming year. I will share the books with you as I finish them.