Friday, January 9, 2009

Dr. Allan to Start Teaching Again

I've always loved to teach. Whatever I get into, I found a way to teach it. To me it's sharing and helping folks and in return I get a profound sense of understanding what I already know. I don't believe you really know something until you can teach it.

I put down my teaching gloves after 19 years (1982-2001). At that time I needed a break and knew I would return to the field some day -- when the right opportunity opened up and my heart was back in it.

Well, the teaching Gods are calling and I've throne my hat back in the ring. My good friend and colleague Dr. Paul Schwinghamer, owner of the California Healing Arts College in Los Angeles has coaxed me to join a new program that will be coming to the school next month in February of 2009. I'm slated to teach reflexology and possibly some of my other innovative techniques.

I've always admired Dr. Schwinghamer for his dedication to the massage industry and profession. His school has stood the test of time and is the first accredited school in the state of California to offer a 1000 plus hour program. As this new program unfolds, you will be the first to hear about it.

Visit the California Healing Arts College for more information.

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