Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Background and final thoughts for now

My music background paints an interesting spin on my body work. Years of listening quietly to rhythms and vibrations, I feel gives me added sensitivity and insight to touch therapy. I've learned to perform with my music and it naturally transfers over to the art of body work. A treatment is likened to a performance of textures, vibrations and tempos -- an orchestration of energy exchange that can be an unique and special experience.

To sum up my background for now, I've lived the life of a professional body worker. I continued to grow and learn many techniques along the way and feel fortunate that I've held up physically. The manual strains of deep tissue work can be enormous and I contribute my longevity to attention to good biomechanics, keeping in shape physically and mentally and adhering to a healthy diet. The profession has had many twists and turns. The eclectic approaches I use is indicative of my restless nature to stay with one specialty. I religiously avoid repetition and over the course of time I've mastered many of the popular techniques of the day.

As this blog matures, you will learn more about me, but my emphasis now shifts the spotlight to your parade -- your needs, desires and dreams for a rich future full of success and prosperity in the wonderful world of touch therapy.

In closing, I've neglected to mention the desire I have to share my knowledge with anyone that desires to use the healing power of touch. Although the focus is on the professional, I intend to have plenty of information and techniques for the layperson.

Disclaimer: Any information disseminated in this blog is for the sole purpose of facilitating health and wellness. There is no intention in this blog to offer any medical advice, diagnose, prescribe or treat for any illness. The viewer should be completely responsible for what is done with my advice, recommendations and suggestions. It is the responsibility of the viewer to use this information accordingly and I am to be held harmless against any legal action taken against me over viewer's negligence to common sense and the laws that govern their own profession. It is recommended that the viewer checks the legality of using any information with his or her own licensing agency and the laws that govern their jurisdiction.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Continued Background

It all seemed to make sense in a way. I had a strange affinity to working with feet. To me, it appeared a neglected part of the body and also everyone liked my foot demos (maybe because they were free). Also, I liked to be different and marketing yourself as a reflexologist was off the radar for most folks.

The challenge was marketing a service off the radar scope -- call it very difficult. I decided to take a look at other modalities in the touch profession and learned basic Swedish techniques while I took the time to seek out the best reflexologists. That was my school strategy from early on that continues today -- learning "hands on" from the best professionals in the particular field of study.

As I delved into the touch field, I became more and more passionate about the benefits of touch therapy. I traded with professional practitioners in the following disciplines: Rolfing, Hellerwork, Acupressure, Thai massage, Reflexology, Rebirthing, Orthobionomy, Embodiment, Postural Integration, Trigger Point Therapy, Polarity, Feldenkrais, Alexander, Swedish, Acrosage, Amma, Applied Kinesiology, Muscle Testing and Chiropractic Methods, Aromatherapy, Tantra, Bach Flower, Biosync, Watsu, and Reflexsu to name a few.

In my early goings, we did not have the luxury of the Internet and hundreds of courses on every known specialty. I felt going out and getting treatments and sharing was your best choice to advance your career. To this day I recommend that you receive treatments on a regular basis and seek out the masters of the craft you wish to excel in.

As you grow professionally, you will be attracted to certain types of bodywork. I've always gravitated towards "touchy feely" techniques versus energetic type work. I would go nuts having someone hold points for any length of time.

What I've come to learn that all techniques work. It comes down to intention and listening to what needs to be done.

My expertise is point work to the body and softening up the physical armor. Also, I have a great understanding of comfort, posture, ergonomics etc. I was fortunate early on to train for a 3 year period with R. Grant Ramey in the 1980's. His work is called Embodiment and he developed a system that places the body in a completely neutral posture in the supine position. This posture distributes the stress through the joint systems, bringing deep relaxation to the body. His work has been instrumental in building the foundation of the paradigm I use when I discuss and teach patients and therapists how to move through this life will ease, power and grace.

Starting off my bodywork career with reflexology led me to deeply understanding the feet and how it integrates with the rest of the body. I studied A&P of the foot and leg and gait analysis and began treating common problems that occur at the lower extremities. After graduating form Chiropractic college in 1990, I learned how to fit and prescribe custom orthotics from some of the top podiatrists in Los Angeles and was Certified in Chiropractic Foot Care (CCFC) in 1992. Unfortunately this program is not offered or taught anymore and subsequently there are few practitioners that offer quality conservative foot care. Most podiatrists rely on medical methods such as surgery and injections and although chiropractors in California are licensed to diagnose and treat the feet, the training at the colleges are not usually adequate.

I believe that body workers can and should be trained in conservative foot care to fill a much needed void of helping the public with many foot ailments.

Stay tuned for for in the next few days. As I fill you in on my background, I will begin this body work forum and the passing of the torch.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


DAPassingTheTorch is a refuge dedicated to the up-and-coming body worker of the day. My best materials, call it gems or pearls of wisdom will be found within this chamber. I hope to eventually cover every possible topic that concerns your professional business.

On the business side, I will cover goal setting, internal and external marketing, cultivating the right attitude, personal and professional development, preventing burnout, time management, running a business, and more.

On the art side, I will help hone your bodywork skills and lead you to an endless array of new ones. I will discuss the mental and physical demands of the business, and help prepare you for a long, successful and satisfying career in the wonderful world of touch therapy.

A major part of this forum will be video clips for your review. I intend to have plenty of free information available, but will also offer streaming video on many different topics and techniques for a nominal charge.


I've learned from seeking out the best bodywork professionals in the field by way of exchanges or getting treatments -- and now it is your turn. It is time for you to catch my torch for I will match your energy and now I am ready to pass on what I've learned. The format here will partly be shaped by you and I encourage an open forum. Bring on any issue or topic that may affect your profession.

After your initial training you must find your mentors in the business. I hope to be part of your journey as you grow your practice and help save some of the hardships that have crossed my path. With almost 30 years in the bodywork and health care professional field and over 20 years teaching bodywork, it's time to slowly ease out and pass on my knowledge to those eager enough to go to the next level. No matter what your specialties are, I'm certain I can be a resource and a sounding board for your professional development. I know I can help and that is why I am here.

I use the phrase passing, because I will never stop growing or teaching in this area because of the love I have for the touch and bodywork field. Now an inner voice is calling me for another deal and I hope to share that with you one day, but will save that discussion for another time.

To give you a little background on myself... my full name is David Allan Orenstein (DAO), but I've always been known as David Allan (DA) ever since I moved out to California from Florida in October of 1978 to further my music career. I thought David Allan was easier as a stage name and it's been with me ever since. Also in this day and age with information so readily available on the Internet, DAO and not DA will match up with my license to practice as a doctor in California.

In 1980 I was in my early twenties and developing my music career. As a young musician I was looking for some extra income and found out about a short reflexology course that was in my area. I first found out about reflexology from an old racquetball buddy named Bernie Cromwell. Bernie would rub his feet before we would play and I couldn't help but ask why he did this. He told me this action helped his aching back and them told me about reflexology. This led me to a book by Mildred Carter which led me to my first reflexology class and the rest is history.

Stay tuned for more on my introduction and then we will get right into it. Remember to hit me with any question or comment regarding the bodywork profession.